The mystery of the young look is not only a fresh face and neckline. The passage of time is most visible on the hands- even when using intensive skin repair cosmetics our hands are very difficult to protect from temperature fluctuations, solar radiation and drying. Responding to the needs of our patients we have developed treatments that restore the skin of the hands young appearance and smoothness. After reviewing a particular case our specialist may suggest a combination of treatments for maximum smoothing and rejuvenation of the hands.


PROBLEM: dryness, skin flabiness, wrinkles
SOLUTION: hand skin mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid

Dried and delicate hand skin reacts well to mesotherapy with specially formulated hyaluronic acid preparations that binds water in tissues and helps to moisturize the skin for a long time. Thanks to long-lasting hydration and delicate filling, your hands become smooth and even. The treatment is also recommended for patients with very visible blood vessels.


PROBLEM: unesthetic color, skin flabiness
SOLUTION: mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma

The treatment is very popular with our patients, mainly because of its full biocompatibility. It can be used even in people with allergies and sensitive skin. It involves using your own blood (platelet-rich plasma) to regenerate cells by activating the increased production of collagen by fibroblasts. The treatment revitalizes the skin, increases elasticity, improves microcirculation and has a long-term effect.


PROBLEM: melasma, discoloration, rough, flushed and flabby skin
SOLUTION: laser therapy with BTL FOTONA or eCO2 LUTRONIC

The formation of dark skin discolorations is a very common problem, especially when dealing with sensitive female skin. Laser therapy is one of the most spectacular procedures: it not only smoothes the surface of the skin but also helps to get rid of stains and unify the color of the hands. The use of the FOTONA Spectro SP laser (Nd: YAG and Er: YAG) helps penetrate deep into the skin to remove discolouration while ensuring safety through pulse feedback and stable pulse energy distribution, which prevents overheating and tissue damage.
For long-term result, the treatment should be performed during low sunlight (autumn, winter, early spring), the skin should be also protected with sun blockers for several months after the procedure.