Lip augmentation – Lip filler

The filler is a hyaluronic acid gel, used in small amounts to reduce wrinkles, facial modeling, contouring lips and skin regeneration. Stabilized hyaluronic acid used in the production is non-animal origin- that means it is not required to carry out the skin tests prior to surgery and the risk of allergic reaction or hypersensitivity is minimized.

Lips that are fuller and enhanced

Hyaluronic acid is a natural way to enlarge your lips, adding them the desired volume and shape. Your lips are the center of attention! Lip filler creates fuller lips, emphasizes lip contour and enhances natural-looking bow of Cupid.

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are best for:

  • Enlarging lip volume
  • Enhancing lip contour
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth
  • Reducing the smoker’s lines around the mouth


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Benefits of hyaluronic acid treatments

The result of treatment is long-term, but not permanent- it usually lasts for 8-18 months. That gives the freedom of choice to maintain or change the effect achieved. In order to keep the obtained result it is recommended to repeat the treatment after six months.

Efficacy and safety of the products has been proven in more than 75 global clinical trials conducted in accordance with the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).

Efekt przed-po zabiegu z wypełniaczem ustPictures from webpage

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Efekt przed-po zabiegu z wypełniaczem ustPictures from  webpage