Cellular Matrix – Platelet Rich Plasma with Hyaluronic Acid

Cellular Matrix is a novelty that combines the beneficial effects of plasma obtained from the patient’s blood with a non cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Produced by the creators of world popular Regeneris treatment, , the preparation is an improved, enriched version of the classic.

In aesthetic medicine Regeneris is considered one of the best tissue biostimulation product. This is confirmed by the Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology Award and the satisfaction of millions of patients around the world (the treatment has been performed over 20 million times!) Combining the proven recipe of Regeneris with non cross-linked hyaluronic acid has created a substance that combines the beneficial effects of platelet rich plasma with a strong, deep effect of hydration and regeneration . This sophisticated blend creates a cocktail whose effect is long-term, and the results strengthen over time. The treatment outcome is so spectacular, because hyaluronic acid creates a structure in the skin that helps plasma components to activate.

After few weeks, we will notice nutrition and hydration, which is manifested in a healthy color and radiance of the skin. The combination of moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid and a nutritive injection in the form of plasma will strengthen it and contribute to the strong anti-aging effects. Patients after the treatment can expect progressive, positive changes in skin quality. The best results are visible after at least three treatments, but each single treatment clearly improves the condition of the skin.

Outcomes after the procedure:

After one week:

  • improved hydration
  • smoothing
  • radiant skin
  • After one month:

  • clear firming
  • smoothing out small wrinkles
  • minor elevation of the face’s oval
  • After few months:

  • multiplication of collagen and elastin in tissues
  • anti – aging effect
  • healthy color
  • The cost of one treatment is 1500 PLN