Vascular lesions are the noticeable sign of aging process, consisting in changes in the vascular system visible on the face and rest of the body. The problem manifest itself in the form of breaking capillary vessels popular called ‘Spider Veins’. The vessels are so fragile that can not withstand the pressure of the blood and break under its influence, leaving on the skin unsightly marks. Often it happens that problem affects face area, causing cheeks erythema and visible skin redness. The changes may arise by hereditary factors, high level of estrogen, environmental influrence and harmful habits.

How to solve the problem?

Laser therapy is the most popular and most effective method of getting rid of vascular lesions. Using a laser beam of sufficient length and time of the pulse, it is possible to close vessels, leading to coagulation. The most commonly used laser is Nd: YAG, perfectly suitable for liquidation of deeper changes.

How it works?

Laser equipment Fotona Spectro SP (Nd: YAG) allows for safe and effective closure of the affected vessels. Excellent clinical results are achieved by small spot size which closes the vessel – that is only 2 mm. Thanks to this, specialist can successfully reach even deeper located veins. Depending on severity of the problem, it is recommended to take 1 to 4 treatments.

PRICE (for single procedure)

  • Single change – 100 zł
  • The entire face – 700 zł
  • Forehead – 300 zł
  • Cheeks – 350 zł
  • Nose – 300 zł
  • The upper lip – 150 zł
  • Chin – 200 zł
  • Neck – 400 zł
  • Decolletage – 500 zł
  • Arms – 300 do 600 zł
  • Forearms – 300 do 600 zł
  • Hands – 300 zł
  • Thighs – 500 do 1300 zł
  • Calves – 500 do 1300 zł