How to solve the problem?

It is wise to complement the conventional acne treatment as prescribed by dermatologist with Fotona laser procedure (Nd:YAG and Er:YAG). Use of the laser eliminates changes on the skin surface, and the additional effect of coagulation is accompanied by heat, causing subsurface disinfection and reduce the risk of recurrence. In addition to treating inflammation, Fotona laser provides excellent aesthetic outcome, and immediate relief when fighting painful pimples.

How it works?

The treatment is multi-stage: for best results, it is recommended to start with Nd: YAG laser, using appropriate parameters, that ensure disinfection of cysts and areas surrounding, and next work on Er:YAG laser, in order to empty the contents of the cysts. The last step is to use the Er:YAG laser in a mode that allows for disinfection of the previously treated area.

PRICE (for single procedure)

  • The entire face – 800 pln
  • Cheeks – 500 pln
  • Decolletage – 600 pln
  • Back – 600 pln
  • Arms – 600 pln