Laser hair removal, for the sake of its non-invasive, minimal discomfort during the procedure, the speed of its execution and, above all, long-term results has gained great popularity among patients, wishing to remove unnecessary hair from the body or face. The satisfactory results, treatment safety and its long-term effect are directly related to technology used in the epilation equipment.

How to solve the problem?

Permanent laser hair removal is achieved by damaging the hair follicle, hair papilla and the outer shell of the root within the follicle. Research has shown that Fotona VSP settings are much more effective than standards, which allows for more than doubling the number of removed hair and lengthening the time between the scions. This technology is precise and safe, it is highly effective and requires fewer treatments than using conventional lasers. In addition, Fotona laser also works on bright and thin hair, that would not be possible to remove with other eqipment.

How it works?

Fotona Nd: YAG laser is generating long-wave light (1064 nm), which allows deep penetration of the skin, and its absorption leads to damage the hair follicle. FotonaVSP technology, combined with the capabilities of the S-11 scanner (large scan area, accuracy and speed) provide excellent results, thereby guaranteeng to this device leading position on the market.

PRICE (for single procedure)

  • The entire face – 300 zł
  • Eyebrows – 150 zł
  • Sideburns – 150 zł
  • Cheeks – 200 zł
  • The upper lip – 200 zł
  • Chin – 200 zł
  • Neck – 200 zł
  • Armpits – 200 zł
  • Arms – 300 zł
  • Forearms – 300 zł
  • Hands – 200 zł
  • Areola – 150 zł
  • Torso – 500 zł
  • Back – 500 zł
  • Buttocks – 500 zł
  • Tummy – 400 zł
  • The white line (from the navel to the pubic symphysis – 200 zł
  • Bikini (groins, pubis, white line) – 500 zł
  • Thighs – 500 zł
  • Calves – 400 zł
  • Feet – 150 zł
  • Full legs – 800 zł